Last week was AWESOME. It was an absolute prince of weeks where a number of great opportunities presented themselves unsolicited, I had some great training sessions with vocal coaches, took part in a week-long marathon of classes at the Actor’s Lab, and got to catch up with some of my favourite people. I’ve been steadily building my regular practice brick by brick, adding components as they’re suggested by mentors. I’d included (I thought) care and maintenance to make sure that I can keep the engine running, as well.

But on the Saturday at the end of that week, I got knocked down with food poisoning. It’s most likely a coincidence, as it’s difficult to give yourself food poisoning, but the timing bears thinking about. Many years ago, when I was a rather different person, I might have taken a few mental health days at the end of a stretch like that to hide away and recover; recharge the batteries. But that’s most definitely not the person I am now. Losing three days to feeling horrible and doing nothing sucked, to be frank, and I wanted– no, needed to spin back up all of the plates I had in motion and get into the thick of things.

Accidental Creative at Better World BooksOnce I got better, the previous pace felt a bit like a game of jump rope already at full swing; a little daunting to get back in the middle of. So I’ve spent a day or two hovering around the edges of it all, and reading The Accidental Creative, recommended to me by my partner in crime Peter M. Ball.

I cannot recommend that book enough. And reading it has lead me to realising that while I’ve felt physically capable over the last few weeks, thanks to ramping up diet and exercise along with other parts of my regular voice over practice, I likely haven’t been as conscious of creative energy as I should have been.

So I’m using this time to redouble my focus both physically and mentally to make sure I’ve got my eye on the right things, and to build that practice back up with a focus on key priorities. Kind of like looking at a tumbled mass of Jenga blocks and making sure that only the most solid, the most important ones go back into building the foundation of the tower.

I’m currently working with one voice coach weekly and another as often as I can, both of whom focus on different parts of voice acting. I train at the Actor’s Lab once a week, and I’ve gotten addicted to weekly yoga to keep me comfortable in my body, along with starting jogging/elliptical training regularly. Those are the non-negotiables in my schedule. I’d love to hear what yours are.

Oh – some cool things to share quickly with you, so I’m not just rabbiting on about me:

  • Hand of Fate by Defiant Development is wending its way to PAX East as I write these words. You don’t need to be in Boston to enjoy it though – you can sign up for beta access on the official website. Not only does it have kickass combat inside a mythic quest with just delicious writing, but you can also hear me as the enigmatic Dealer.
  • The absolutely gorgeous looking Armello by Melbourne-based League of Geeks has commenced its Kickstarter. I defy you not to back the project after looking at the Kickstarter page. (well, not really – I’m just saying, how could you think that after seeing that art, and hearing THAT MUSIC?!?!) Back it with me, and then we can struggle for the crown together!
  • Night Terrace, a sci fi audio drama produced by Ben McKenzie and John Richards and involving a rogues’ gallery of talented and wonderful people, is in its final stretch for its crowdfunding campaign. Definitely worth checking out, as the end product is going to be fantastic, particularly if you’ve been a fan of the Splendid Chaps podcast.

That’s all from me for the moment. Drop me an email or a comment and let me know how things have been travelling in your neck of the woods!

  • Daisy Lara

    Well, the important thing is practice and that only make you perfect. A coach or teacher can teach you and guide you but your continuous practice will help you in becoming successful in any area and becoming a successful voiceover artist is also not an exception.