I’m excited to announce I’m going to be on two panels at PAX AUS this year, alongside some fantastic people! Come along and say hi – I’d love to see you there!

Doing You A Fright – Friday Oct 27 10:30PM

Why do horror games lure us in?

Why do some of us enjoy being terrified, and how do horror games do that best?

Let’s shine the unflinching torchlight on this delightfully dastardly genre, looking at the psychological aspects of fear and grit, game design techniques, how tropes can fetishise and stigmatise, and much more! Bring your scalpel of experience and join us in a gruesome dissection of some of our favourite games of the genre.


All The Game’s A StageSaturday Oct 28 12:00PM

Games give us some of our most cherished stories. Amazing moments we’ve been both privy to and part of. Come join a panel of industry professionals as we take you behind the curtain to look at how these stories are brought to life. From writers dealing with “Hundreds of spreadsheets on fire”, to the performers that breathe life into their words, and the world of motion capture, join us and learn a little, laugh a lot, and love even more, as we look at how the magic happens.


As part of the lead-up to the panels, I had a chat with regular collaborator Gemma Laurelle, and invaluable team-member Catherine Caine about voice acting in video games on FB Live. You can find the video from that event below