It’s been a while since I’ve posted here. I’m quite active on Twitter and Facebook at the moment with different kinds of conversations on both, but it’s been a while between drinks here. In August I finally put into practice advice suggested by the amazing Kristine Oller some time back – spend two weeks every quarter focusing just on up-skilling. Close up shop and just focus on skills development and strategy for moving forward. I had some recording slip into those two weeks by necessity, but perfect is the enemy of good, so I’m still counting that as a win.

Probably the biggest general change I’ve made over that stretch was putting into practice a daily reflection at the end of each day. I end the evening by sitting (typically with a nip of bourbon) and looking back over what worked and what didn’t for the day. It’s a suggestion from Todd Henry’s work (from Die Empty, I believe – the individual books are starting to get muddled) and it means a shorter time to iterate over things, and fix what isn’t working. It puts me in mind of John Boyd’s OODA loop – the more regular the feedback, the more timely the adjustment. That reflection is one of a few things I want to happen each day, so I’m trying out the Streaks app on iPhone to build momentum around those habits. So far, I’d definitely recommend it!

I’ve also been putting advice from Sarah Elmaleh into more tangible practice – get out there and be part of things. Turn up. It might sound obvious, but the best advice likely always is. I caught a couple of interesting horror films at MIFF, and went along to some great sessions at the Victorian Small Business Festival, where I learned a lot.
Voice acting-wise, it’s been a great month. In terms of work that’s publicly visible, I recorded a number of characters for Battle Chef Brigade, which just showed at PAX West and looks AHMAZING. I’ve been a fan of that game since I saw the first concept art on their Kickstarter campaign, and it’s an honour to be part of their amazing voice cast. I also had the pleasure of narrating a Kickstarter video for Etchr Labs Art Satchel and Field Kit campaign, which was funded in four hours, and is now the most successfully funded campaign in their category IN THE WORLD. I’ve also started working with an behavioural exercise physiologist to build the same flexibility and fluidity into my body that I have in my voice, and I’m continuing to do some wonderfully fun training with Captivate Action.
I wanted to finish for now with a thought that came to me while doing a mind-blowing proprioception course with Scott Witt (seriously, if you ever get the chance, train with him!) I was at a point in the day where my mind was constantly flashing fatigue at me, and teetering on the edge of being able to hold everything in my head that I’d learned that day. I was getting overwrought and the lizard brain was starting to bubble over with a kind of mild panic. All because I was trying to hold it all in. Once I pushed through that moment, by staying in the room and continuing to work, and realising that everyone else was in a similar overwrought state, I hit a point of peace and acceptance, and just moved from moment to moment. I still made mistakes – more if anything, but I was acting from a place of joy.
You don’t have to hold it all in.
See you in a month, if not before.