AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS: Out in the wild!


Personally, I think the best kind of project is when you surround yourself with incredibly talented people and hustle as hard as you can in the hope that no one notices that you probably shouldn’t be there, because seriously, THE AMAZING PEOPLE THAT YOU’RE WORKING WITH.

AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is one of those projects. I talked in my newsletter earlier this year about the experience of recording for the project, but I’m super-amped to be able to tell you that AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is now available in the App Store for iPad. Here’s why I’m excited:

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GenreCon Wrap-Up

(written Wednesday the 16th)

So here I am at 1AM in the morning writing my wrap-up of GenreCon Oz. It might seem like I’m being fashionably late here, but my GenreCon only ended officially around 1:30 Wednesday morning, and today has been lost to flying home, and trying to shrug off a lingering hangover.

So how was GenreCon? My capsule review is that it was AMAZING. It’s back on again in 2015, and if the Venn diagram of your life connects with writing (or, hell, being a creative) I’d recommend it. It’s put a fire in my belly, and got me thinking real hard about heading to Faffcon, the closest equivalent in the voice over world. It was a blur of passion and connection and meeting old friends and new, and sharing enthusiasm, ideas, and potential ways to play together. And a solid backbone of REALLY GREAT ADVICE. For me, the convention occurred half in the Library proper, and half in the discussions into the wee hours of the morning in bars, or San Churro. It turns out churros are the hook in the cheek to drag anyone into hanging out.

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Some Thoughts On The Last of Us [CONTAINS SPOILERS!]


I’ve been in a bit of a slump over the last few days after finishing The Last of Us, and I’m starting to think I need to process the experience of that game. Get what’s been rattling around my head down on paper.

BIG HONKING SPOILER WARNING: This will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t finished the game yet, please read no further. Go finish the game! Then come back. Also, this may meander somewhat messily. After all, this is what this post initially looked like in my head:
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AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS: A rather awesome project


I wanted to take a quick second to tell you about an awesome project that is just about at the end of its Pozible run, and could use a little love getting over the funding line. I’m not involved in the project in any way myself (except as a backer and avid fan) so I can tell you about this completely devoid of an ulterior motive save that I think the project is fantastic, and it would be criminal for it not to go ahead. Particularly with a number of very interesting backer rewards I’ll talk about in a second.
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Sleepless In Seattle (…’cause I’m waiting for the new demo)

One of the Big Two reasons I’m over in the US right now is recording my new character demo reel with the exceptionally talented Scott Burns, which I just did yesterday. It was a blast, and I got everything I was hoping for out of the experience.

It’s almost two years to the day since I recorded my last demo with Scott, and I felt the difference in how comfortable I was, if nothing else. The recording booth is my temple, my workshop. I feel at home there, and come to it with a reverence and focus on the task at hand. Which is a nice evolution – it’s not so long ago that I was more nerves than anything else in someone else’s booth.

I’d forgotten what a wonderful luxury it is to have someone direct you, having a second ear listening to what’s going on, and steering you toward a result. Scott and I talked about how he was updating his own demo soon, and he mentioned he should probably get someone to work on it. And I completely agree – you need a fresh ear to fall in love with all of the qualities of your voice that make it fantastic that you’ve lost clarity on yourself over time.

It was also invaluable having someone else direct when jumping between nine different characters over an hour and a bit, to help position them uniquely in terms of sound and emotional content, so I could just focus on giving the best performance I could. At the same time, I can see the next steps in terms of improvement. I’m not satisfied by a long shot yet. I wish I’d had time to attend Crispin Freeman’s Character Types workshop before choosing the copy for the demo in particular, but it’s been a mad few months. And I feel more and more like I’m in the right place at the Melbourne Actor’s Lab – getting that honest emotional connection to a line is something I need to work on making more consistent. When it happens, it’s amazing. You feel like you can throw lightning with your hands. You’re alive.

Dont’ get me wrong though – I’m proud of the work I did, and I can’t wait to hear the finished result. Rest assured I’ll be putting it up everywhere.

Brief followup on IGDAM freelancing talk

Just a very short followup:

The audio from Mick Gordon’s presentation at IGDA is now available online at the IGDA Melbourne blog. (actually, it was available a few days back, but I haven’t been able to get on here to post)

Also, on the topic of freelancing, I finally watched Mike Monteiro’s most excellent talk on dealing with clients and money – “F*ck you. Pay me.” If it seems confrontational from the title, it’s anything but.It’s about getting to a place where you can do your best work, because you know that you’re protected from all of those ‘what if’ scenarios that can sap away your energy and get between you and your best work.

That being said, if strong language offends, there is a measure of that in there. Forewarned!

Can’t recommend it enough. And on that note, I’m starting to sort out contracts and legal representation this week, which is something I would have liked to have done much earlier, but for time. I haven’t been burnt by bad situations yet, so here’s hoping I can follow good advice before having to learn the hard way.

IGDA’s Awesome Freelancing Talk

I made it back to IGDA Melbourne this month after work got in the way last month, and boy was I glad I did. This month was a presentation by Mick Gordon on freelancing, which is something that I’m spending a lot of cycles on at the moment. Mick is (going by the description on his website) a composer, sound designer and audio director, and prolific freelancer with some impressive credits to his name (like Dead Space 3!) and a real handle on how to manage freelancing.

Mick’s energy level and dedication to the audience was incredible. He got what he wanted to say out as succinctly as he could (showing the time he put into the presentation, and honoring people’s time) and he devoted as much time as he could to answering questions. And when he was answering questions, he was committed to giving people a satisfactory answer.

The presentation itself was broken down into three key sections:
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