Just a very short followup:

The audio from Mick Gordon’s presentation at IGDA is now available online at the IGDA Melbourne blog. (actually, it was available a few days back, but I haven’t been able to get on here to post)

Also, on the topic of freelancing, I finally watched Mike Monteiro’s most excellent talk on dealing with clients and money – “F*ck you. Pay me.” If it seems confrontational from the title, it’s anything but.It’s about getting to a place where you can do your best work, because you know that you’re protected from all of those ‘what if’ scenarios that can sap away your energy and get between you and your best work.

That being said, if strong language offends, there is a measure of that in there. Forewarned!

Can’t recommend it enough. And on that note, I’m starting to sort out contracts and legal representation this week, which is something I would have liked to have done much earlier, but for time. I haven’t been burnt by bad situations yet, so here’s hoping I can follow good advice before having to learn the hard way.