So, this is me making a combination confession and resolution. I’m not a big fan of blogging over here, but I’m going to change that up over the next few months. Why? Well, let’s talk for a second about why I haven’t first.

It’s not voice over work.

It’s not getting in front of a microphone and recording voice over. I mean, I’m not self-described as a ‘blog artist’, right? So a nagging voice tells me I should be in front of a microphone instead.

It’s self-promotion.

…and everything tangled up in that word. Motor-mouthed snake oil salesmen abound on the internet, particularly in the entrepreneurial space. It feels more than a little masturbatory.

So, why am I resolving to spend time writing stuff here?

Well, primarily because promoting myself is voice over work. I nod sagely whenever someone in the games development community talks about the importance of putting yourself out there – marketing from day one. I enjoy Twitter, and I’m pretty active over there. But I have this blind spot applying that to a medium where I can talk to the substance of a topic.

And it’s not so much marketing as making myself visible. I can’t do a better job of marketing myself than my voice over does. But I can put the word out about what I’m doing.

Even more importantly, if something I put out there on the web can help one person shortcut the long, meandering learning curve I’ve taken to get to where I am now (which is still a long way from where I want to be) then that’s time well spent. I get a lot of value out of reading blogs like Taji’s Voice EmporiumNethervoice, and Abbe Holme’s blog, and if someone out there can benefit from something I write, then I’m all for that. I’ve written guest posts around the place that have been well-received, so I should really be doing something regular here as well.

And here’s the sneaky super-secret reason: because talking about things – formalising things to the point of putting them down in words here, means that I’m forced to examine things in finer detail. To think through them rather than just work on gut instinct. It makes me better at what I do, and shines a light on things I might have missed but should be thinking about.

So what am I going to be talking about?

Well, I don’t have a mission statement on this yet, so I’ll fine-tune it over time. But at the moment, I’m planning to write about tips and tricks I pick up, the systems I use to organise things, neat projects I’m working on, and voice over I bump into that excites me.

So there you go. If there’s something specific you’d like to hear about, I’d love to hear from you.