Personally, I think the best kind of project is when you surround yourself with incredibly talented people and hustle as hard as you can in the hope that no one notices that you probably shouldn’t be there, because seriously, THE AMAZING PEOPLE THAT YOU’RE WORKING WITH.

AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is one of those projects. I talked in my newsletter earlier this year about the experience of recording for the project, but I’m super-amped to be able to tell you that AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS is now available in the App Store for iPad. Here’s why I’m excited:

Christy Dena is a creative maven, and I cannot sing her praises enough. She has a heavyweight grounding in theory of transmedia, but is able to turn on a dime and be genuinely fun and irreverant with how she uses that theory. Getting to catch up with Christy at Genrecon and listen to conversations with people far smarter than I was one of the great pleasures of Genrecon.

And AUTHENTIC is not just Christy’s amazing work. The app itself is developed by Craig Peebles of Airship Games, and looks gorgeous, thanks both to his hard work, and the incredible art of Yangtian Li. And then there’s the performances. The cast is top notch, with people like Ben McKenzie, Alison Richards, Jimmy James Eaton, and Nadia Collins (to name a few) These are people that I’m used to sitting in front of and listening to, rather than getting a chance to play with. And Trevor Dikes’ deft hand with audio brings out the best of the acting.

Here’s the thing about AUTHENTIC though – I first signed up to support the project as a consumer, for one key reason – the creator diaries Christy Dena was offering. An insight into Christy’s creative choices along the way. Invaluable, particularly as I’m developing an animated series myself.

Well, this week the creator’s log and soundtrack for AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS have launched , as well as the app being available now in the store! This is something I’m definitely proud to be part of, so I can’t recommend picking this up enough if you’re interested at all in the creative process, or audio in narrative.

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