I wanted to take a quick second to tell you about an awesome project that is just about at the end of its Pozible run, and could use a little love getting over the funding line. I’m not involved in the project in any way myself (except as a backer and avid fan) so I can tell you about this completely devoid of an ulterior motive save that I think the project is fantastic, and it would be criminal for it not to go ahead. Particularly with a number of very interesting backer rewards I’ll talk about in a second.

This project sits in a sweet spot for me – I love hearing voice acting placed in some other context. It’s why I love voice acting used well in video games, but they’re far from the only medium where it can be used. The Emerging Writers Festival did something awesome with this with location-based audio at the 2011 festival with the Spaces Between project. In the case of AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS, the context is the web. As Christy Dena describes it (or rather, as I understand her description) it’s part radio drama, part audio tour of the web.

It’s not only great writing (runner up for the Best Writing in A Game category at Freeplay 2012) but the collection of shiny, shiny brains behind this also really know their stuff when it comes to audio and game design. Check out the Pozible page for a full list of the people involved. It’s going to be an immersive, narrative experience I’m looking forward to enjoying on the iPad in the same vein that I’ve loved sitting down to soak in Tell Tale Games’ The Walking Dead series.

Now, that’s not all that AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS has to offer. If you’re a creator or performer of whatever stripe, you’re likely to be very interested the CREATOR’S LOG reward, which is just pure genius. Christy Dena is giving supporters what amounts to a master class on the creative decisions she’s made as the project has evolved. For performers like me, that is going to contain invaluable insight into what one particular director was looking for out of voice actors, and how she encouraged that result both through the text itself, and direction.

I highly recommend checking it AUTHENTIC IN ALL CAPS. Join me in enjoying a fun experience, and getting to open up some shiny, shiny brains and peer inside.