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From his studio in Melbourne, Australia, international VO artist and actor, Kevin Powe, has lent his voice of villainy to video games and audio books worldwide.

But, never fear – under the extremely menacing goatee is a warm and versatile pro who has been known to break out his engaging, “nice guy” naturalism for commercial and corporate projects (when bribed with the right kind of chocolate).

Creator and voice of the animated sci-fi series Altered (in development with co-writer Peter M. Ball), Kevin is also the voice of Karen Fainges’ multi-volume Shayton Chronicles novels and is featured in the trailer for Fractured Skyline, a new online cyberpunk strategy game.

Kevin lives contentedly in his booth home with his wife and brand new, amazingly precious bub.



Hi and welcome!

Just so you know, I’ve voiced being torn apart by demons AND I’ve explained, with calm authority, the difference between adenine and cytosine. Both with equal passion. I really do have the best job(s) in the world.

And there’s nothing I’d love more than to bring your words to life… or help make your concept a truly awesome reality.

Whether you need in-studio work done here in Melbourne, Australia, a session ISDN-patched to your local studio, or you just want the end result produced and delivered without dealing with particulars, I can work to your specifications.

Let me know if you’d like to discuss how I can help you with your next project.

You are choosy about who will bring the voice of your characters to life.

(And you should be!)

With acting chops honed over a decade of training and experience, I come to the creative table with a deep understanding of drama, character, story structure, and pacing.

If you desire to collaborate with someone who can generate an array of distinct and independent voices for your video games, audio books, or radio dramas – allow me to audibly infuse your world with light and shadow, levity or solemnity.

You definitely want to hold your listeners’ attention.

Sometimes you want to grab it… sometimes you want to coax it… sometimes you want to engage it in a lively dialogue.

I’ve done all of the above for local and international clients. If you like the texture of my voice in the demos above, I’d be happy to craft the commercial delivery you desire.

You certainly don’t want your message to get buried beneath complex concepts.

Fortunately (for both of us), I have one of those brains that functions two steps ahead of my mouth, which means I can provide a clear, confident delivery of any dense, technical information included in your presentations or educational/training materials.

If you desire excellent enunciation and proper pronunciation in your corporate communication – with zero aggravation – I just might be your guy.


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Tahira Now Released!

The fantastic Tahira is now available on Steam, amongst other platforms! You can hear me there having a blast voicing a number of villainous rogues, as a counterpoint to the amazing Gemma Laurelle’s work as Tahira herself. Here’s the launch trailer:

You can find out more at the official website!

Vale Karen Fainges

The shift into 2016 so far has been a pretty sobering string of great talents passing away. This Friday just passed, a memorial was held for Karen Fainges in her home town of Mt Isa, and while I couldn’t make it to the service, I wanted to take a moment to put down a few words to commemorate Karen’s life. In the spirit of the service itself, I’m going to keep away from maudlin sentiments, and instead celebrate a wonderful collaborator and long-time friend who’s been taken from us during that same gauntlet of time.

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Becoming A Better Voice Actor #4: Learn to Freelance

Here were are in the last of four posts containing everything I can think to say about how to become a voice actor, right now. As always, take the advice here with a grain of salt, as this is only what works for me, and what I understand at this point in time. I may have an epiphany in the shower next Thursday and realise that only now do I really understand what’s going on. If that happens though, I promise to let you know.

In the final post, we’re going to talk about being a good freelancer. Because once you’ve built a process around your creative development, and you’re actively doing what you love, you’re going to get to a point where you need a solid approach for dealing with the people who want you to make great things for them.

It started fairly accidentally to begin with, but being a better freelancer is something that I’ve been working on for the last eight years. I’m sure it means very different things to very different people, but the core of it for me is a combination of attitude and building systems, the latter of which being where we started talking in the first post.

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Becoming A Better Voice Actor #2: Understand The Creative Process

This is the second in a series of posts on what I can think of as the most useful information on becoming a voice actor/voice over artist/person who gets paid to talk into a microphone. This post focuses on understanding the creative process better, in order to build tools and avoid mental traps in a field that asks a lot of you creatively.

Rodin's The Thinker. Thinking.Now, these posts come with a huge caveat. They’re what’s worked for me, and that may not work for you. And it’s the best advice I have right now, so next Thursday I may have an epiphany that throws half of what I know out the window. But if I do have that epiphany, I promise to share it with you.

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Becoming A Better Voice Actor #3: Be A Better Voice Actor

(cue Inception noise thanks to the circular title)

So, this is the third in a series of posts emptying the cup of everything I know about being a voice actor thus far. In this article I’m going to be talking about performing. As always, take the advice here with a grain of salt.

I only know what works for me, and if you ask me next month, I’ll tell you that this is the month I’ve finally built a robust set of tools around performance.


At least, not initially. And then it is.

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Becoming A Better Voice Actor #1: Build Systems

This is the first in a short series of posts where I’m putting down what I would travel back through time to tell myself, in order to become a voice actor/voice over artist/person who talks in front of a microphone and gets paid for the privilege QUICKER.

Everything written here comes with a big caveat: it’s what worked for me, and it’s my answer so far. It may not work for you, and I may have an epiphany next Thursday that throws everything here out the window. If said epiphany comes, I promise to let you know.

This first post is about what I think is the first, most critical step to lay infrastructure down for moving forward as quickly as you can:

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